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An innovative collection of quality decorative plant pots inspired by the elements: air, water, fire, light and earth.
VONDOM presents the most complete range of plant pots manufactured with rotationally-
moulded technical resins. The FANG I AIGUA quality decorative plant pot collection is
inspired by the elements of nature: air, water, fire, light and earth. There is great variety
in terms of both colours and models. The main features of Vondom’s designs for FANG
I AIGUA are the simplicity of the shapes (primitive shapes) and the sophistication of the

The collection speaks of … life, beauty, strength, energy and warmth …

Download the latest Vondom Pot Catalogue

Download the latest Vondom Designers Catalogue

Or view an Online Version of the catalogue here

This collection is the zenith of high-quality plant pots. Designed using a sophisticated rotational resin that passes the most demanding of tests for both indoor and outdoor settings. It offers the most extensive range of plant pots with an automatic watering system and wheels, which guarantees complete care of plants while you are away, thanks to the supply system and water tank. This system makes them stand-alone products, as the automatic watering system allows the plants to supply themselves with just the right amount of water for perfect growth with the minimum of effort.
FANG > EARTH > Warmth
The FANG collection has the widest variety of models, sizes and colours. Its main feature is that they are contemporary decorative plant pots with new shapes that preserve the more traditional aspects while adding the lightness of new materials.

FOC > FIRE > Beauty
The FOC collection is the acme of quality decorative plant pots. The keynote feature of this range is the impressive lacquered finish, which comes in a wide range of shades and colours. The “lacquered” finish makes the colours brighter and shinier, lending a feeling of warmth and elegance to the whole. This makes them an unbeatable fit in any setting. All of the models also include the automatic watering system and wheels to make them easier to move.
LLUM  > LIGHT > Energy
Modern design with a personality all of their own. The most notable feature is atmospheric lighting and sophisticated colours suited to each setting. An innovative product that offers consumers modern decoration and design during the day and a unique ambience during the night. Thanks to the bulbs built into the bottom of the pot, they transform any part of a home, balcony or garden into a harmonious, relaxing and warm setting. All of the models also include the automatic watering system and wheels to make them easier to move.
AIRE > AIR > Strength
The AIRE collection is a variant of the AIGUA collection: it has the same features minus the automatic watering system and wheels to make them easier to move. These kinds of plant pots are designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

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